Intuitive and Tailored Interior Design in Glasgow by Habitus

anna about

Anna draws inspiration from a broad range of sources, from art and architecture to textiles and graphics. Word of mouth is the most rewarding source of work and building close relationships with clients is a fulfilling and important part of her ambition for the business.

While her work has been featured in several leading design publications, Anna’s goal isn’t to create homes that only look great in photo shoots. HABITUS Design is about intuitive and tailored design; design that understands and is specific to a client’s needs and budget. Also, crucially, it’s about design that can excite and inspire without breaking the bank.


Anna says

'When working on a project I consider a client’s whole lifestyle and way of thinking and aspirations. For me, it’s about building a complete picture of the person we’re working with.'

'I don’t have a ‘design style’ as such; rather, the approach is to try and get inside the minds of my clients and give them something that’s particular to them, which would include those things they particularly want, but it might also include ideas they haven’t thought of.'

'I like to include objects and pieces a client already has and build from that, sourcing a combination of pieces that are new, bespoke, antique or high street to create an overall look that’s particular to that client. As HABITUS is not affiliated to any manufacturers or suppliers, there is complete free rein when sourcing products, both across the UK and internationally.'

'I also have a policy of transparency. I don’t work on mark-ups to products and there are no hidden margins; I work on a consultancy basis. If a client’s needs can be met in a way that’s more cost effective, I will always suggest that.'

'It’s about developing a relationship of trust. The best results come from a true collaboration with clients.'