Anna's House

I pride myself on running a transparent business so that’s why I put my own home on the website. It was never really designed as a project but has evolved over the years according to the changing needs of my family. When I bought the flat it was derelict having been all but destroyed by a house fire. At the beginning all I could so was fit all the services, sand and paint the floors and fit the (unfitted) kitchen so we could move in. I always think it’s ironic that someone in my business has no curtains but the shutters were still viable and I enjoy their austerity. Much of my furniture has been salvaged from skips or re-homed from friends and family, each item has a story and our home reflects a narrative of our lives, this is more important to me than everything ‘matching’ or being fashionable. 
I do believe furniture should be for life, it’s good for the soul as well as the planet!