Kelvinside Gardens

A main door flat in Glasgow’s West End had a dark living room that was barely used. All the best parties happen in the kitchen so we decided to knock through between the living room and kitchen creating a dinky bar space in the middle. The budget was neat so we pimped Ikea units to create what became known as ‘the largest island unit in the West End’ with the four sides each given a distinct function: cooking/chilling/laundry/breakfast bar. The client already had some vintage pieces of furniture which we supplemented by sourcing more and refurbishing items they had to create a harmonious relaxed scheme. Bespoke double doors on parliament hinges meant that the spaces could be separated if needed and a spare bed for any revellers too tired to go home converts into a bed. A cabinet maker was commissioned to build a gramophone-inspired unit to house the turntable and vinyl collection.